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We are here to bring the publishing industry to everyone on earth (and beyond). You don't need connections or experience – only an idea, some pages and a dash of bravery.

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The Curtis Brown Agency is the oldest, and now one of the largest, literary agencies in Europe. Throughout our history we have worked with some of the most important voices in Science Fiction and Fantasy including Margaret Atwood, David Mitchell and golden age legend Brian Aldiss. We even did some work for Tolkien back in the day.

We also run a creative writing school, Curtis Brown Creative, which runs courses in London and online. CBC works with authors writing across all genres and has helped more than 55 authors to publication.

What does Brightfount mean?

Our name comes from Brian Aldiss' first novel, the bookstore farce The Brightfount Diaries. In the first half of the book, there is a sub-plot revolving around 'saucer books'. Aldiss uses this as an excuse to stretch his imaginary muscle:

“Supposing these beings from another world arrived. Imagine them as dry, detached intellects in a sponge-like body; they casually present man with the secret of anti-gravity. In the succeeding outburst of space travel and planetary exploration, what an orgy of – not adventure as the rocket-writers predict – but learning would follow! The barriers of every science would be broken down: geology, physiology…."

It's the most powerful writing in the book, a shock of revolutionary ideas embedded in a social comedy. We like to think of this section of the book as Aldiss finding his voice and his passion. We want Brightfount to be a place where you find your voice and your passion.

More about Brian Aldiss

Brian Aldiss OBE, the patron saint of Brightfount, was an acclaimed author of fiction and science fiction. The author of such sci-fi classics as Hothouse, Non-stop and Helliconia trilogy, he wrote nearly 100 books and over 300 short stories. His story, Supertoys Last All Summer Long was adapted by Stephen Spielberg for his film AI: Artificial Intelligence. You can learn more about Brian on the Curtis Brown website.

Our Agents

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Catherine Cho

Catherine Cho

  • Science Fiction

<p>I started working in publishing because I love stories. I joined Curtis Brown in 2015 after a background in law and public affairs. I am drawn to powerful stories. I love books that transport you. My favourite science fiction and fantasy authors are Tamora Pierce, Pierce Brown and Robin Hobb. I&rsquo;m also passionate about speculative fiction, stories that transcend genre, such as Margaret Atwood, Kazuo Ishiguro and David Mitchell. Science fiction and fantasy are the stories I remember most; I believe they have the ability to change the world.</p>